It Will Always Come Back to Haunt You

Halle Benson, Entertainment Editor

Nothing is scarier than a giant Paul Bunyan chasing after you in a park when you are 13 years old. It and It Chapter 2 director, Andy Muschietti, has once again done an amazing job with the second part to Stephen King’s iconic novel. There will be spoilers from the two movies and the book, so please read at your own risk.

It Chapter 2 begins with a horrific scene in Derry, Maine, at a carnival. That scene was one of the hardest things to watch on the large screen. It was bad enough to watch Henry Bowers (Nicolas Hamilton) carve the letter “H” into Ben Hanscom (Jeremy Ray Taylor) in the first movie, but a group of bullies beating up two gay men is just heartbreaking. 

The next couple of scenes begin with all of the adult actors getting a phone call from Mike Hanlon (Isaiah Mustafa). I wish we could have seen more of their lives as an adult like the book, but the movie was already running for almost three hours. Not going to lie, I cried watching Stan end his life. The letter he gave to all of the Losers didn’t help either. I was bawling by then. One thing I did notice right away is that they changed Richie’s profession to fit better with the current time. In the book, Richie is a radio show host, and in the movie, Richie is a comedian. I didn’t mind the change they made to Richie’s job, I mean, it does fit better for his adult actor (Bill Hader) since he is a comedian in real life. 

One of the things I was the most excited about is the new scenes with the kids. In the first movie we missed out on the kids playing around in the treehouse and the arcade. Not only did we get both the treehouse and arcade, we got to see some more of the character’s fears from when they were children. Another thing It Chapter 2 changed is the Ritual of Chϋd. In the book, the kids and adults do the ritual, while in the movie, they only do the ritual as adults. 

Now for the big topic everyone has been waiting for: Reddie. If you don’t know, Reddie is the “ship” name of the two characters Richie and Eddie. When the 2017 movie came out, fans of the movie began to ship the two characters together. I’m not opposed to shipping them, the movie made the two characters bicker a lot more than they did in the book, so it made sense that in the second movie they would push the fact that Richie had a crush on Eddie. Sadly, Richie never got to confess his feelings for Eddie with him dying in one of the very last scenes of the movie. 

That is another difference in the movie. Eddie died after Pennywise took one of his spider legs and stabbed him through the stomach. In the book, Eddie got his right arm ripped off his body. Either way, I cried when he died. 

One thing I did notice they did in the movie is how different Pennywise is compared to the book. For example, did you know that Pennywise is technically a female? It is seen in the book that Pennywise lays a bunch of eggs in the sewers, but none of that was shown in the movie. They did keep Pennywise as the giant spider creature at the end of the movie, and I didn’t think that would scare me as much as it did. 

The casting for It Chapter 2 is the most phenomenal thing ever. My favorite kid to adult casting is for Eddie Kaspbrak, who is played by Jack Dylan Grazer and James Ransone. There were so many moments in the film where you could see Ransone’s version of Eddie act just like Grazer’s version of Eddie. Their acting was spot on. Another casting I really like for the movie is Stanley Uris, who is played by Wyatt Oleff and Andy Bean. They look almost identical. 

Don’t worry, this isn’t the end of It. In recent interviews for It Chapter 2, Andy Muschietti has said to do a supercut of the It movies. That means he is going to combine both It and It Chapter 2 into one movie, put all of the extra scenes back into the movies, and possibly film more. The final cut could end up being over eight hours long. However long the supercut of the movie is, I am going to sit through every last minute of it.