“Since when does our school newspaper have a website?” Since now…

The cat is out of the bag folks, Common Sense newspaper is the latest contender in the field of Interwebbin’-newsbringin’ (the technical term for “news online”).

This website literally opens the floodgates for how much material our staff has the ability to put out. In the months coming, this website will be in a “test run”, which essentially just means that we are only going to post things that run in our print issues as well. Eventually, this website will become something that allows us to write and publish stories or “news-tweets” within a seconds notice.

Along with the increased flexibility and punctuality of our content, our website allows us unlimited space to upload pictures that didn’t quite make the cut, publish full interviews, and even print stories that otherwise would never have made it out of room 130.

Our mission here at We Are Millard South Online is simple, to increase the Common Sense staff’s ability to provide awareness of whats happening in the school and entertain the student body with what is relevant to them.

We promise, this website will be awesome!


Collin Lynch (Online EIC) and the Common Sense Staff