DACA: Resources and Information to help Defend the Dream

Vanessa Chavez

Staff Reporter


Trump’s Decision.On September 5th the President ordered an end to the DACA program that protects undocumented youth from deportation. He is now urging Congress to pass a replacement before the program is completely phased out, approximately six months from now.
Bills on the table concerning DACA -Dream Act 2017 (13 year path to citizenship) -Recognizing America’s Children Act (10 year path to citizenship)-BRIDGE Act (allows those eligible for DACA or current recipients stay in the United States for a maximum of 3 years after their DACA permit expires. No path to citizenship. Representative Don Bacon co-sponsors this bill) -Hope Act (Path to citizenship in as few as 5 years)
The Common Sense Newspaper is still waiting on a comment from Attorney General Doug Peterson who decided to join nine other Republican state AGs in asking the Trump administration to phase out the DACA program.
What is DACA? “The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program allows youth who were brought to the U.S. as children from outside the United States, and who meet certain requirements, to live and work in the U.S. temporarily. Education and/or employment are requirements of the program. As a result, DACA youth offer tremendous benefits to our community and our country. More than 750,000 young people in the U.S. could be at risk for deportation.”    (Source: Justice for our Neighbors)
Facts about DACA. 95% are currently working or in school 63% got a better paying job 54% bought their first car 48% got a job with better working conditions 12% bought their first homeSurvey of 1,308 DACA recipients conducted by Tom K. Wong of the University of California San Diego, the National Immigration Law Center, and the Center for American Progress.
DACA recipients CANNOT:Receive amnesty, a path to citizenship, or legalization.Vote.Receive any federal benefits (food stamps, college financial aid, etc.)DACA recipients CAN:Get a temporary stay against their deportation for two years at a time.Apply for driver’s licenses in some states, including Nebraska). The licenses are marked that they cannot be used for federal purposes, like voting.DACA recipients are required to pay federal income taxes. (Source: Define America)
What is it to Nebraska?There are approximately 3,000 Dreamers in Nebraska. Besides their culture and diversity, if DACA ends, Nebraska stands to lose over $150 million in GDP.
Number of DACA recipients: 3,371Estimated number of DACA workers: 2,933Estimated Annual GDP loss from removing DACA workers: $150,222,997(Source: Center for American Progress)
Important Deadline for Renewals: Must be filed by October 5th!-If DACA Permit expires before March 5th, 2018, then DACA recipients are still able to submit an application of renewal for that permit. But that application has to be submitted BEFORE October 5th, of this year. (Only those with work permits expiring between September 5 2017 and March 5 2018 can file a renewal application.)- Renewal applications pending or received before September 5 2017, will still be adjudicated.-There is a $495 renewal fee
Resources -ACLU of Nebraska -True Potential Scholarship -Nebraska Appleseed-Heartland Workers Center – Young Nebraskans in Action. -Justice for Our Neighbors-Consulate of Mexico in Omaha