Thor: Ragnarok Movie Review

Conlan Custard
Staff Reporter

Marvel just can’t stop winning. On Nov. 3, one of the biggest publishing companies in the world blessed theaters with the release of a highly anticipated sequel to the story of one of its most popular heroes, Thor.

Thor: Ragnarok will join a plethora of other films depicted in the Marvel extended universe to which most received rave reviews. Except for one in particular, however, being “Thor: The Dark World” which was not as well received from fans and critics, so it’s safe to say Ragnarok would be a breath of fresh air for those who love all things Marvel.

The basis for the movie is that Thor is held captive in a faraway land and forced to fight his way past many foes along the way in his race to make it back to his home of Asgard before it is destroyed by the sinister goddess known as Hela.

I was very impressed with the film in large part due to how it was able to surprise me. I was almost taken aback at how witty and comical it was from start to finish. Marvel movies usually have a decent dose of comic relief and one-liners, however Ragnarok is definitely a step up in that regard, with Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston having obvious chemistry and delivering the two best comedic performances in the film. Additionally, Hemsworth was able to break down a few of the confines that seemed to wall him in as a strictly macho and serious character by consistently telling clever quips to keep the tone of the movie lighthearted and extremely enjoyable throughout the whole thing. You could easily label Ragnarok as a comedy and it would fit well, despite its heavy dose of action to supplement the humor. On the whole, the comedic timing of the film overall and the way it was implemented was near perfect.

The soundtrack, CGI, and cinematography of the film were typical of a Marvel installment in that they were good, not great, but the other elements it has to offer surely outshine these possible dull spots. One of the best aspects in Ragnarok is its ability to further develop characters in a way other recent marvel films haven’t done. Thor, Loki, and the Hulk in particular all seemed to have a new angle to them and the movie implemented more depth to the roles as a whole. Thor appeared much more personable in the film with his newfound sense of humor, and Loki in his struggle between between good and evil brought out a whole new side to him entirely and it’s safe to say this has been the best performance of the two to date. Tagging close behind is the development of Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk from a brawny, brainless, beast into a comic relief role as well as a more impactful piece in the story than in previous movies. The performances of the three as well as a few others along the way carried the film from good to great territory and are the main reason it resonated so well with fans and critics alike.

In the eyes of some, Marvel can do no wrong. And at this moment, they just might be right. Ragnarok bolsters the notion that in terms of superhero entertainment and media, no one can compete with the legacy that Marvel has cemented in recent years. The film’s greatness will compliment the likes of many others the company has produced over the span of a few years, and so far they aren’t slowing down. It just goes to show that after yet another box office hit like Ragnarok, Marvel will keep on winning.