A Quiet Place – Review

Savannah Lacy
Staff Reporter

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John Krasinski who is always referred to as “Jim” from The Office, recently ventured out and directed A Quiet Place, a horror movie starring himself and his real-life wife Emily Blunt.     

Krasinski and Blunt play Lee and Evelyn Abbott, a couple that’s trying to protect their family in a world where monsters that can only navigate based off of sound have taken over, causing them to live in complete silence.  The Abbott’s have three kids and one baby on the way, making it a very complex task to remain quiet.

The film starts off with the family looking around a convenience store looking for food and medicine, while they’re at this store their youngest son takes interest in a toy spaceship that lights up and makes noises.  Lee becomes alarmed when he notices him playing with the toy and puts it away so, it won’t make noise and create attention to all of them. As they leave the store, their daughter who happens to be deaf in this time when they cannot make noise feels bad and gives the toy back to her brother.  

4They soon find out how serious and terrifying these monsters can be.  After this point in the movie, a bit of tension develops between Lee and his daughter since she feels so guilty for his death.  

The Abbott family lives on a farm in an abandoned town and have learned how to adjust their lifestyle and house to be as soundproof as possible.  They use sign language and Lee has created rules for his children to know their limits of what they can do in order to be quiet.

For me, this movie was more emotional than horrifying due to the interactions between the Abbott family.  The message behind this movie is all about the sacrifices that you’re willing to make for your family and the way that Krasinski executed that in “A Quiet Place” is incredible and made the film worth watching for me.