Finding an Interest

Cameron Merritt
Staff Reporter

When I signed up for two journalism classes this year–yearbook and newspaper, I had no idea if I would enjoy either one. I now have the pleasure of enjoying both of them.

It’s hard to say what drew me into registering for them. I know I really enjoyed what we were doing in intro to journalism class last year, but I’m still surprised to find myself in both classes. Who knew that an impulse decision would find me wanting to become a journalist more and more every day?

Now, in newspaper I honestly have not done much. I just started doing layout this semester and I had no idea that I would enjoy it nearly as much as I do. It has quickly become my favorite assignment.

In yearbook, on the other hand, I have been working on a spread and getting quotes from people. Neither task is horrible by any means. Yearbook has given me the opportunity to also write a profile story (which is pretty much a very short story about one person). That helped me with my writing, and I am fairly grateful for that.

I never thought that I would like layout as much as I do, but working on a spread in yearbook, and actually doing layout in newspaper has helped me realize that I like layout more than anything in journalism.

It’s not like that is all I enjoy. I do like writing and going through and editing stories for people. I also like trying to come up with headlines for a story, but if someone does not keep their focus and get their assignments done, it can become very tedious work and lots of it.

That should not stop someone from trying a class, though. I have come to realize that it is very important to keep my head up and to start plowing through assignments even if I don’t like what I am given.

All I am saying is if someone doesn’t know what they want to do with their life, go ahead and keep trying to find something that is enjoyable, and do not worry about what someone else will think.