Orchestra Streams to the Masses

Carah Jones

Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, all in-person concerts for the Millard South Orchestra will be streamed online starting with their Rocktober Concert on Oct. 29.

According to Dr. Brittany Rom, the director of the orchestras, concerts will be performed by the students and recorded during class with the concerts being streamed online in the evening. More information on concert dates and times can be accessed on the Millard South Orchestras website.

As the year progresses and if it becomes safe to have an audience within the building, the streamed concerts may change to in-person, she said.

This news comes after schools were shut down in March, resulting in all school activities being cancelled, including the District Music Contest (DMC) for the Chamber Orchestra at South and all concerts at later dates. The orchestras have not performed a live concert since the All-Millard Concert in January.