Seniors plan to pack the Patriot Powerhouse


Ally Seevers, Sports Editor

Tonight’s football game against Bellevue West will be the first home game the class of 2021 can attend as the leaders of the Patriot Powerhouse. 

“I feel like I definitely get that chance to embrace my ‘senior power…’  – [to be able to] use it accordingly, and be able to cheer on the team that I have been waiting four years to run the flags for,” senior Gage Sayles said.

Previously, only four family members of a suited-up athlete, band member, cheerleader, or dancer could attend the game. No additional students were allowed. Now, the Metro Conference is allowing up to six members of the previously stated students, as well as all seniors – except for fully remote learners at this time – from the home team and up to 100 seniors from the away team.

Students have not been able to attend any sporting events since the last boy’s home basketball game against the Papillion-LaVista Monarchs.

“I just missed all the social aspects of it. Everybody cheering for one thing, and there is no fighting going on; like everybody’s there for one thing,” he said.