The Seniors are Back!


Photo by David Church

Ally Seevers, Sports Editor

Last Friday’s varsity football game against Bellevue West was the first game the class of 2021 could embrace their seniority and cheer on the Patriots.

“It’s really good to be back,” senior Bailey Zielie said.  “It’s exciting seeing the senior football players get it done, and do what they got to do. It’s just good seeing them back out there,” she said. 

“Well it’s obviously different this year, just being seniors, but we’re just glad we get the chance to cheer them on,” senior Kenley Montagne said. “And we’re glad that they get the chance to play.” 

Although the rest of the students were not able to attend, the class of 2021 showed more than enough Patriot Pride for everyone with around 100 students in attendance according to Activities Director Steve Throne.

“Whether we are with the entire student section or not, it’s just great to be here,” Zielie said.