Meet the Ath’elite’: Julia Mclain

Julia Mclain, Cross Country


Julia Mclain sprints towards the finish for her first win as a varsity runner. Photo courtesy of PrepRunningNerd.

Ally Seevers, Sports Editor

Athlete: Julia Mclain, Class of 2022

Team: Varsity Girls Cross Country

“I started running track and field in 7th grade and decided to try out cross country my freshman year of high school,” said Mclain. “One of my friends told me to try it [cross country] out, and I was going to a new school, so I thought it would be a good way to make new friends.”

Julia has been a varsity runner since she started cross country her freshman year. Once being the 6th or 7th runner her freshman year, then jumping up to 3rd or 4th runner last year, she now, as a junior, is the number one runner on the girls team.  

“I have been on varsity since my freshman year of high school,” Mclain said. “I put in a lot of work and effort at every practice to get where I am.”

Best 5k Time: 20:05 in the Gretna Invite at Capehart Soccer Fields

Favorite Course: Walnut Grove

Favorite Meet: Millard West Invite

“My season has been going really well! I have placed in every race so far this year including districts, which is what got me to state,” said Mclain. ”I love our team this year and everyone is so kind. They are like my second family.” 

Julia said her most memorable race this season was “the Gretna meet because it was my first varsity win and everyone was so supportive of me.” She won this race by a whopping 17 seconds, leading the team to 3rd place, only 7 points from the 1st place score. 

The way Mclain’s season has been going is pretty incredible considering she was injured for part of last year’s season.

“I was injured at the beginning of the season my sophomore year. It was very frustrating, but I listened to my coach and managed to come back better than before,” said Mclain.

“Running has really helped me mentally. It helps me just release my thoughts and stress. I wouldn’t be who I am today without.”