Meet the Ath’elite’: Ella Haakinson

Ella Haakinson, Golf


Ella Haakinson putts on the 18th holf of the State Golf course in Norfolk. Photo by Coach Geary.

Ally Seevers, Sports Editor

Athlete: Ella Haakinson, Class of 2022

Team: Varsity Girls Golf

“I have been playing golf [for Millard South] since freshman year, so 3 years now,” said Haakinson. “But I’ve been playing for a long time and just decided to continue through high school.”

“I started playing because my parents initially put me in lessons and I continued to play throughout my life with family and friends,” said Haakinson.

Ella has had quite the season, making many improvements to her techniques, and therefore elevating her game. 

“For my first 2 years, I couldn’t hit my driver, so in the offseason, I made sure to work on it extra. By the time the season came around, I could hit my driver. I think that is why I shot better this season than in previous years.”

Although the Millard South golf girls were unable to qualify for state as a team, Ella was selected as the wildcard for the A1 district, earning her a spot at state.

“I felt relieved and excited when I found out because making it to state was my goal for the season,” said Haakinson. “This was my first year at state. I was nervous for state at first, but once I got there and started playing, it was really fun and cool to be competing against some really good players.”

Favorite Curse: Oak Hills

Favorite Club: 5 Hybrid 

“My favorite thing about golf is how after a bad round, I always think about what I could’ve done better, and it gives me a reason to go get better and practice,” said Ella. “I also love the feeling after a good shot or a good hole/round.”

Golf has also brought Ella closer to her family and friends.

“I look up to my dad when it comes to golf because of how he plays and how he helps me in my game,” said Haakinson.

She also said, “My favorite thing about the team is how I can have fun with them.”

Congrats to Ella on her amazing season! Excited to see what you will do next year!