Meet the Ath’elite’: TJ Urban

TJ Urban, Football


Senior TJ Urban runs for a touchdown in the Homecoming game against Fremont. Photo by Hannah Doornick.

Video by Dylan Schiessler

Ally Seevers, Sports Editor

Athlete: TJ Urban, Class of 2021

Team: Varsity Football

“I’ve been playing football since 2nd grade,” said Urban. “I just watched my cousin play all the time, and it made me want to play me too.”

He said, “My freshman year, I was freshman A, then I played JV and a little varsity, but then sophomore year, I moved up to varsity full time.”

Positions: Quarterback and Safety

Number: 2

“It’s pretty cool playing for such an amazing team,” said TJ. “It gets your adrenaline going quite a bit, but I guess I’m kind of an adrenaline junkie. There’s not a lot of people that are able to do it [play quarterback], so it’s pretty cool.”

“One play; one game.

— TJ Urban

Career Totals (as of Nov.10)

Touchdowns: 36

Passing Yards: 2,514 yards

Rushing Yards: 3,118 yards

Total Tackes: 35

To be able to achieve such high stats means being focused – TJ’s winning mindset, “one play; one game.”

When asked about knowing what to do during a game, Urban said, “Just a lot of film watching and also just a lot of practice.”

TJ’s motivation comes from the fact that not everyone believed that he would become such a talented player.

“Just the doubters that didn’t believe in me,” said Urban. “They make me push myself during practice and games.”

But his favorite thing about football is his team, his brothers.

“Probably just hanging out with the guys, before and after practices cause you’ll never get that time back,” said Urban. “It’s cool how close we are. I mean, I feel like we are a lot closer than other teams around the state, and we’d do anything or each other.”

Congrats to TJ Urban on an amazing senior season and his commitment to the United States Air Force Academy. Go Falcons!