Meet the Ath’elite’: Caitlyn Lessig

Ally Seevers, Sports Editor

Athelte: Caitlyn Lessig, Class of 2021

Team: Girls Varsity Basketball

“I’ve been playing basketball since I was about 5 years old,” said Lessig. “I started basketball because my parents put me in the YMCA league to get me exposed to different sports.”

She said, “I’ve played for our basketball team for all four years of high school, and I also played summer basketball for All Nebraska attack and Team Factory.”

Position (for Millard South): Power Forward

Number: 33

This 6 foot senior is a powerhouse when it comes to playing basketball, but it hasn’t always been so easy for the star. 

“I’ve definitely had to overcome struggles when it comes to my body,” said Lessig. “Naturally, I am not the fastest, so over quarantine, I lost about 50 pounds to try to make it easier for me to run faster and for longer amounts of time.”

Although she has struggled in the past, she stayed motivated by remembering “all that it has brought me.”

“All of my friends, a reason to travel, and so many memories.”

“I think some of my favorite memories were going to state,” Caitlyn said. “You really don’t understand bright lights until you’re on that court. The adrenaline rush that it gives me, that is my favorite part about basketball.”

This season, Lessig is the only senior on the girls varsity basketball team, making her season extra special. 

“I feel very weird about being the only senior because I don’t see myself differently than the other girls,” Caitlyn said. “It’s definitely different being the only senior, but the other girls are definitely like my children.”

She continued, saying, “The girls: I love how funny and rambunctious they are.”

Favorite Shot: Corner Shot

Favorite Thing to Practice: Ball Handling

“Someone that has truly been a mentor for me was Mrs. Andersen,” Lessig said. “She is now at Papio South, but when she was here she made the biggest impact in my life as a teacher. She really wanted us students to take care of our mental health and I thought that was really special.”

Caitlyn has worked so hard on her game, her body, and her mind, and you can see all that hard work pay off during practice and games. Congrats to a great high school career and may the rest of it be just as amazing!