Meet the Ath’elite’: Angela Martin

Angela Martin, Bowling

Ally Seevers, Sports Editor

Athlete: Angela Martin, Class of 2023

Team: Girls Varsity Bowling

“I have been bowling for about 2 or 3 months now,” said Martin. “I started bowling because my Pride Time teacher, who also happens to be the coach, wanted more girls to join, and I thought to myself, ‘I have nothing better to do so why not.’”

Angela has only been bowling competitively for a few months now but has already made the varsity team and bowled a high score of 154, which is over halfway to a perfect score of 300. 

Keeping in mind that she hasn’t even been bowling for a year, Angela has been doing amazing, but it hasn’t been the easiest few months.

“One big thing is that not everybody bowls the same way. Someone may throw the ball one way and do great, but when I throw it that way, it fails,” said Martin. “With that being said, my biggest struggle is finding the technique that works best for me. I’ve changed my technique so many times, but I recently finally found something that works.”

Angela says that the reason she’s improved so much is because of Mrs. Nicholson.

“I think Mrs. Nicholson. She’s been bowling since she was little so she definitely knows her stuff. She has helped me so much,” Angela said. “She looks out for us [the team] and reminds us that whether we win or lose, at the end of the day, we had fun and that’s all that matters. She’s definitely someone that we can all count on.”

“I love how helpful and supportive they [the coaches] all are,” she said. “Rather than getting upset if we do bad, they give us tips on how to improve.”

Bowling has definitely impacted Martin’s life, changing her schedule but it has also helped her “build new relationships.” “The other girls and I have gotten really close the past few months. They are all so fun and supportive.”

“My favorite thing about the girls is how well we all get along,” Angela said. “We all have this really great energy when we’re together. We cheer each other on, even if one of us messes up and we have fun together.”

Considering that Angela is relatively new to the sport, it is no surprise that her favorite thing about bowling is “the fact that anybody can enjoy the game, whether they’re good at it or not. It’s really fun, a little nerve-racking when it gets competitive but still fun.”

Angela’s bowling career has gotten off to an incredible start, and may the rest of it be even better!