Meet the Ath’elite’: Kate Carrell

Kate Carrell, Diving


Junior Kate Carrell dives of the board. Photo courtesy of Kate Carrell.

Ally Seevers, Sports Editor

Athlete: Kate Carrell, Class of 2022

Team: Varsity Girls Diving

“This is only my second year competing in diving,” said Carrell. “With my gymnastics background, I decided to give diving a try my sophomore year.”

She said, “I dove in varsity at Millard South the two years that I have dove here, and then I have done club diving with the Midwest Diving Academy for about a year now.”

Within her very first season of diving, Kate trained hard enough that she made the varsity team, which is pretty impressive.

Not only did she make the team, but she also qualified for the state diving meet.

“My favorite experience so far was probably last year when I finally qualified for state,” Kate said. “It felt so good cause I was my first year ever, and it showed me that all of my hard work was really paying off.”

But getting to where she has was not easy.

“During my first year, I struggled with a couple mental blocks,’ said Carrell, “but I now know that they have only made me a better diver.”

Something else she had to overcome was having the courage to get onto the board and actually dive off of it.

She said that “right after they announce my name, I get to my spot and get ready on the board. I take a deep breath and just go. I have to keep myself from overthinking and that deep breath really helps clear my mind.”

Kate said that she doesn’t “know what I would do without her” coach, Becky. “She has been there for me since the beginning and really has become someone that I will forever look up to.”

“My team is always there for me no matter what and I know that I always have them to keep me going,” Carrell said. 

Kate made a great decision, moving to diving after competing in gymnastics, but she said, “the diving world so different, but it has really given me a whole different perspective of sports.”

Favorite Dive: Full Front Twister to Her Head

“My favorite thing about diving is that it really just gives me joy,” said Kate. “I love the little adrenaline rush that I get right before meets and when I do my dives.”