Meet the Ath’elite’: Haley Gosch

Haley Gosch, Dance


Senior Haley Gosch and her team chant before for their halftime performance in the Girls Varsity Basketball game against Norfolk. Photo by Hannah Doornink.

Ally Seevers, Sports Editor

Athlete: Haley Gosch, Class of 2021

Team: Varsity Dance 

“I have been dancing since I was around 5 years old,” Gosch said. “I started dancing because I love to perform and be in front of big crowds of people. The stage has always been a home to me.”

“I danced at a studio called Nebraska Dance for many years, and was even on one of their competition teams for 5 years,” said Haley. “Now, with my busy schedule, I cannot dance at a studio anymore, but I have loved getting to experience a high school dance team, and it is something I am very passionate about.”

Favorite Style of Dance: Hip Hop

Haley has become one of the most talented and coveted dancers on the Millard South Dance Team, and she has done so quickly, only being on the team since her junior year.

“I didn’t try out for the team until I was a junior, so I had to learn the ways of the team pretty quickly,” Haley said, “but I have always loved a challenge. I worked really hard to get to the level I needed to be at and spent a lot of extra time at school or in the studio trying to be the best dancer that I can be. I think working so hard really helped me earn the respect of my teammates that I have now. I can definitely say that I am not the dancer I was a few years ago, and I am very proud of how far I have come.” 

Having to adjust to the high school team and the atmosphere was definitely hard for the senior, but not as hard as being a dancer in itself.

“I think the hardest thing about dance is how it is a very physically and mentally demanding activity,” said Gosch. “It is not only extremely hard on your body, but it really can be a mental game. Dancers have to look perfect at all times, and that can lead us to get in our heads a lot. We work so hard to perfect our performances that it is very easy to have mental blacks along the way. But I think that having a strong and supportive team can take all of that away.”

Haley’s favorite thing about the team is “how much fun we have together.” They have made her time on the team fun and worth-while. 

“You will not find a moment that we’re all together and not laughing,” said Gosch. “I have made so many memories with this team that I will remember forever.”

“Being able to travel with my team always gives me some of my favorite memories,” Haley said. “My favorite memories from being on MSDT [Millard Souths Dance team] have always been just hanging in the hotel rooms together. We dance and practice for many hours on competition weekends, so we get pretty delusional. At nationals last year, we spent at least 3 hours making up raps about random stuff and then performing them for our parents. I don’t think I have ever laughed so much.”

With the State and National dance competitions quickly approaching, Gosch will have the chance to make even more memories with her girls. 

“Being on the dance team was my dream since I was little, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to be on it, Gosch said. “This team is hard-working, dedicated, and always there for each other. We put in the work practicing every day, and you can tell we really want to be successful this competition season. This team is full of amazing people who have turned into my family. I have loved getting to experience how amazing MSDT is. It has truly given me a home and helped me grow so much.”