Stop stealing, get a life!



Art by Lexie Smith, a flowchart to help decide whether or not to partake in the trend.

Alexis Smith, Illustrator

Recently a new trend has stolen the heart and attention of TikTok users internationally. The trend, referred to as a “devious lick,” involves participants stealing an object from someone or somewhere, often from their schools. Why would a student steal a soap dispenser, a paper towel machine or even stall doors? These tricksters go to the lengths of bringing things like screwdrivers and other items to hit these so-called “devious licks.”  You may be asking yourself now what kind of person has the time to do such a thing? Instead of theft try: studying, sports, or one of the many inclusive and diverse clubs which Millard South has to offer. Before hitting your next devious lick, please consider the impacts your actions will have.

The new soap dispensers installed in the school cost anywhere from $20-50 each. Say each bathroom contains 3-4 dispensers. If there are roughly 18 bathrooms in the school, this means that at $35 a dispenser, it would cost about $2,800 to replace all of the stolen dispensers. That is $2,800 that could have gone to a sport that you play or bought new supplies or gone towards the vending machines and C-Store. That $2,800 will be divided up and come out of someone’s pocket all in the name of some “TikTok clout.”

Money aside, this is a matter of simple human decency. It’s heartbreaking to see students disrespecting their school like this. Custodians shouldn’t be taxed with the burden of repairing and cleaning up these messes. Teachers and administrators shouldn’t be burdened with standing in the bathrooms monitoring the goings on there. 

We are better than this, MSHS. Get it together.