Hutfles to log out of MSHS and on to Horizon


Maddy Leland

Tech facilitator Jay Hutfles works alongside Intern Omaha senior Ben Thomas. -Photo by Maddy Leland

Joseph Kaipust, InDepth Editor

Longtime tech facilitator Jay Hutfles is leaving Millard South to become the tech facilitator at Millard Horizon at the end of this semester. 

The primary motivation behind this move was to enable Hutfles to work on more district-wide projects.

“It will free up time for me to help with the team that sets up laptops for all students and staff,” Hutfles said. With the much smaller number of laptops to oversee at Horizon, Hutfles will be able to devote more time to working on more district-level projects like this. 

The position of tech facilitator will be fulfilled by Mary Kucera, who is currently the tech facilitator at Beadle Middle School. Kucera will start full time in January. While he is leaving, Hutfles will still be around for a while to oversee the transition. 

“Through January and February I’ll be here every afternoon,” Hutfles said. “[After that] I will still be around throughout the rest of the school year, just less frequently,” he said. 

Even when he is no longer working at Millard South, Hutfles says Millard South will always hold a special place in his heart. 

“What’s the saying? Once a Patriot always a Patriot,” Hutfles said.