‘Live From Buell’

Student media to reach new heights in renovated press box


Set up outside on the concourse right alongside fans, senior Taylor Lewis produces the first home football livestream of the season while juniors Jonathan Spieler and Wilson Dittman commentate.

April Reiss, News Editor

Millard South Media’s pregame in the past has been filled with checking the forecast to prepare to stream outside in addition to preparing to successfully call and stream the game. Fortunately, their pregame will be changing in the coming seasons because of their new spot in the renovated press box.
“We’ve had some troubles in the past with rain, wind, and other natural elements. So it’s going to be nice to be inside, have that comfort, and stream to the best of our ability,” junior Wilson Dittman said. Dittman called play by play for the football games this fall for Millard South Media. “I’m looking forward to taking our broadcast to the next level and giving students and the people back home the best experience possible,” Dittman said.
A game last year became memorable for student media because of the troubling forecast that included heavy rain for some of the game.
“In October of last year, we did a stream outside where a downpour started in the 2nd quarter,” producer senior Taylor Lewis said. “We had a tent up but it can only cover so much and it was difficult to run the stream in the 2nd half because the water pooled on top and the tent started sagging. Looking back, we probably shouldn’t have done the stream in that weather. But if we have a press box, we won’t have to monitor the weather all day to decide if we should set up or not,” he said.

Digital model for new press box set to be complete Aug. 1, 2023. Student media will move indoors and upstairs to a space designated for them and their broadcast.

Being inside won’t only improve the quality of the streams, but a different atmosphere will be provided while stationed in the press box.
“A lot of times my papers get blown away,” Dittman said. “The audio isn’t great because you can hear the wind and kids messing around behind our table. You can hear some of that on the stream. Being indoors in the new facility will help us focus on doing our job,” he said.
More things are going to be changing for the press box, not only the move-in of student media. Since the stadium hasn’t been touched in over 50 years, since 1970, it was time for some refurbishing.
“It has [Buell Stadium renovations] been on the schedule for a long time. We had some money being raised back before Covid. Covid hit so it paused the renovations. It finally came back when Dr. Sutfin put it back on the schedule again,” activities director Steve Throne said.
Previously, there were some issues with the space in the box. Now, the area will be big enough to cater to the people working the games.
“All the coaches from both teams are jammed in there [the press box]. Media, people working the game. So the space is really bad,” Throne said. “It [the press box] will widen out to the north and south ends…it’s a great upgrade, we need it.”
There are little touches, in addition to the space expansions, so the overall safety of the press box is going to improve.
“If you have ever been up there [the press box], it will be a little safer because the stairs going up there is a dangerous spot,” Brian Hull said. Hull runs the Score Vision for the football games.
The renovations on Buell Stadium’s press box and bathrooms are scheduled to conclude Aug. 1, 2023.