Viewers find new treasure in the Outer Banks


Art by Anna Gurciullo

Pougelandia is the new face for Season 3 of the Netflix series Outer Banks.

Anna Gurciullo, Staff Reporter/Artist

Outer Banks season 3 was nowhere near a let down. We were promised new relationships and more mystery and we got exactly that. This season changed the storyline for the season to come. 

Off the bat, the most drastic and awaited thing to happen this season was the new relationship between Kiara and JJ. Tik-tok started shipping the two characters together from season one. Although Kiara went from John B, to Pope, and now JJ, most are finally at peace that she chose JJ. 

Another relationship was between the Pope and Cleo. When Cleo came in it was assumed she was brought in to bring the Pope some happiness. With the friend-zone from Kiara, he needed some joy and he got exactly that. Pope is known to be one of the most underrated characters in the show, he did get more screen time this season, but not as much as I would have hoped for. 

John B once again got the light shone on him this season. One being the tumble of his relationship with Sarah. This relationship ending was needed if the show was going to continue. Not only because in the show, the two characters already had much to process, in real life, they do as well with going through a recent breakup.

Another significant occurrence in this season was the big debut of Big John, or known as John B’s father. He got a lot of backlash for taking up many points in the show. I agree on this because he didn’t quite change things for the story, more so of showing us what kind of person he is. It showed that he was in it for the treasure, and dismissed John B’s wanting for time together because he was too invested in the location of the treasure. 

One thing that never disappointed was the action. From beginning with a dramatic plane crash episode one, kidnapping, and many life or death scenarios. Kie was found to be in the most action-inclined scenes, when usually it’s John B and Sarah. We were shown a new side of her by going in depth with her family life, and personality.

Sarah was once again in the action as well. She went through a boatload with the death of her dad, becoming homeless, and all the drama with Topper. We all know that her relationship with her dad has always been rocky, but this season Ward showed a sweeter side and wanted to regain the relationship back with his daughter. 

Going on with Topper, we continued having love triangles involving him, Sarah, and John B. I thought this season we would see more of who he is as a person, but we saw a selfish guy wanting Sarah to himself. Again he showed Sarah that he loved the idea of having her and not loving her. Although we did see a snippet of him and her in highschool which showed to me how he may have always loved her, but he never knew how to show it.

This season was by far the best of the three with loads of action, igniting love, and a more thrilling treasure hunt. Although they didn’t end up securing the mass amounts of gold, they got to the cave when no one else could manage too. Nevertheless, the pogues always have each other.