Running out-erall: the shortage of adderall

Olivia Ellison, Staff Reporter

Low supply, high demand: prescription drug Adderall is struggling to be sent out to customers. 

Affecting many people across America, this prescription drug is hard to make and harder to give to customers.  

 “I feel like people around me think I’m stupid or something, but I’m not! I literally just can’t focus. And teachers always get mad at me for not having anything done but I just can’t get it done.” In an interview with Anonymous, the student stated: “Well, because I don’t have any of my meds, I can barely work. Seriously, like, I cannot focus and I’m falling behind so much.”

Another anonymous student said, “I feel like none of my teachers understand why I can’t get my work done. It’s like they just assume I’m lazy but it goes deeper than that. Like, I’m smart it’s just like a wall is blocking my work ethic.” 

     There are many reasons for this struggle in supply. “On October 12, 2022, FDA posted a shortage of the immediate release formulation of amphetamine mixed salts, commonly referred to by the brand name Adderall or Adderall IR…Other manufacturers continue to produce amphetamine mixed salts, but there is not sufficient supply to continue to meet U.S. market demand through those producers.” FDA reports. Basically, FDA acknowledges that this production of the drug is low, and this is happening because one of the main companies making the salts needed to create Adderall is low on the salts. 

    “I don’t know what to think.” Millard South Nurse Sharon Brisson-Shnitker said. What’s happening can be compared to a chain reaction. The company, Teva, that is making the drug is experiencing manufacturing delays because the salts needed to make the drug are hard to obtain. This makes sending them to pharmacies borderline impossible, so Adderall isn’t made accessible to people who need it. “I’ve had parents have to go elsewhere other than Omaha to pick them up. One mom drove all the way to Columbus to get medication,” she said.

 “We’ve had to tell so many customers that we don’t have any Adderall. The most common dosage is 10 mg, which we don’t have. We’ve had people have to change their prescription dosage just to get any amount of Adderall.” a Walmart pharmacist who wished to remain anonymous  said. 

 ‘[I worry] that it won’t go away. Or get worse,SSS” Brisson-Schnitker said. Adderall is something that is becoming less available to people. This isn’t just an over-the-counter drug. This is a prescription medication that people need.