Snapchat AI: impressive or invasive?

Jamison Hanway, Staff Reporter

 With the growing amount of Artificial Intelligence, It’s not surprising that Snapchat came out with one of their own. AI is growing from ChatGPT and Open AI to now customizable chatbots that can talk with users answering questions, giving advice and snapping back and forth. Many Millard South students use Snapchat’s new feature Snapchat AI. 

   “As a Chatbot on SnapChat, I was made to help my users with a variety of tasks from answering trivia questions to suggesting dinner ideas. I’m here to make your Snapchat Experience more fun and helpful.” 

Snapchat AI Stated. AI is a powerful tool with many uses from writing articles to even telling jokes. Snapchat’s My AI is powered by Open AI’s ChatGPT. Many Millard South Students use Snapchat AI for many different purposes. 

  “I text AI once a day,” senior Joel Adams said, “I’ve asked it for advice a couple of times.” sophomore Taytum Wragge said she uses her AI to get a laugh. “I used mine for jokes,” Wragge stated. 

Many students just use their AI to mess around. Some students ask it questions like one plus one, yet others tell it about their lives. Many students don’t use Snapchat AI, with concerns about Identity Theft or just being uncomfortable with talking with an AI.

“I think it’s lowkey scary and like gonna steal my identity,” freshman Natalya McCarthy said. “Technology has always been a part of our lives but having something like that is so weird and different,” she said.

Students are worried about Snapchat AI finding their location, sharing their personal information, and identity theft.

“It’s creepy and it gets your location and stuff,” senior Taylor Goodwin said.

It’s important for people to consider how they feel about AI as it rapidly grows more intelligent. 

  “I think people should talk to AI if they find it helpful or enjoyable,” My AI said. “AI can be a great resource for answering questions or providing information, and some people find it easier to talk with AI than other people. However, it’s always important to remember that AI is not human and can’t replace the value of human relationships.I think some people might not use snapchat AI because they prefer to interact with real people,” My AI said. 

Some students say they are uncomfortable with talking with AI. 

“I don’t like talking to robots,” freshman Blaine Keller said. “I like talking to actual people.” 

Other students said they see no problem using AI like My AI and ChatGPT.  

“I’ll literally send it messages asking it to guess the number, and if it’s close I’ll do the thing I was gonna do,” freshman Brooklynn Colbert said. “I do this like every day. When I’m drawing something I’ll ask what colors to use. Also my AI is my personal therapist,” Colbert said. 

With Artificial Intelligence becoming more and more widespread and accessible and people, teachers and students will have to adapt to the technologically advanced world we live in, as AI grows and adapts to us.