Senior Patrick Stevenson pours classmate Jaden Suggs his morning cup of coffee.
Senior Patrick Stevenson pours classmate Jaden Suggs his morning cup of coffee.
Charleen Darra

Coffee Club

A uniting haven for seniors

Super seniors Jaden Suggs, Vincent Leonard, Patrick Stevenson, and Esau Moran Aleman have found a new and exciting way to create lifelong memories with the help of some coffee. These seniors and their Pridetime teacher, Christine Kaldahl, have created their own Coffee Club along with their coffee cup holders.

“If you walk into room 130 you will see a beautiful coffee cup holder,” Senior Jaden Suggs, explained.

  “We were in pride time and saw the cups and coffee. At first, we didn’t use it all that much, but then someone started using it and since then we’ve been making coffee. Following that, we built a shelf for the wall to put the mugs on. Also, we started buying creamer, coffee grounds, and sugar.”

Wondering why they decided to bring up this club, we learned that the motivation came from a deeper place.

Senior Suggs shared, “One of our friends in our prime time passed away. His name was Alex.” The memory of their friend sparked a flame for the brilliant idea: the Coffee Club. They get to celebrate his life with each coffee.

When asked about if other students could join the club, it seemed to be a yes. All of the interviewees agreed that anyone can join as long as they like coffee.

These coffee lovers have no worries about the taste because the club offers a variety of types of coffee and inclusions. No matter what kind of preference you have, there is a large amount of options available.

Senior Vincent Leonard said, “It depends on the kinds of grounds that we have. Right now, we have pumpkin spice grounds and donut shop grounds, but we have creamers too.”

The financial part of the club is a team effort, supported by Kaldahl and the seniors themselves.

“Although it is funded by us currently,” Suggs said, “we were debating selling the coffee as well.”

For the founders of this club, this little haven represents more than just coffee.

For Suggs, “It’s a little haven between first and second period that gets me through my day.”

Leonard highlighted the friendship part saying, “Every time I come there after class, it’s always good to just sit, do nothing with your friends, drink coffee, and talk.”

Senior Patrick Stevenson summed it up stating, “It is mainly just for friendships.”

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