Food Delivery is the MVP of Quarantine


By Joey Kirkle

In the past few weeks, quarantine has been rough on us. It is rare that we get to leave our house, and when we do, it’s not for long. With many restaurants closing, we can’t even enjoy food. While it’s seemed like nothing can go our way, there’s one thing that is helping us keep our sanity: food delivery.

While many restaurants have closed their inside lobbies, some are still delivering to homes. This allows us to still enjoy our favorite foods without putting our health at risk. Some of us are one more homemade sandwich away from going clinically insane, but there’s no need to worry. You can get food from just about anywhere. Places like Doordash and Uber Eats are carrying a big load, picking up foods from other restaurants and bringing it to you. With so many people ordering their food, some delivery places are even lowering their delivery fee to convince people to purchase more. 

At a time where people are trying to avoid coming in close contact with others, some places are doing whatever they can to make people feel more comfortable. For example, Jimmy Johns has implemented a new “Leave it at the door” option, where the driver will simply set your food at your door instead of handing it to you. It is available to anyone who paid for their food online, and it has been very popular so far.

At this point, with many people stuck at home indefinitely, it seems like the delivery businesses will be thriving. Jimmy Johns, Taco Bell and many other places have had huge increases in delivery orders in the last few weeks, and it should continue to rise. 

Personally, food delivery places are my heroes lately. I am eating a Jimmy John’s sandwich as I’m writing this. I plan on continuing to make poor financial decisions and order more delivery. If I can’t go anywhere, watch sports, or do anything I would’ve done just a few weeks ago, I might as well treat myself to some quality food. If you’re on the fence about spending money on food, I have some words of advice for you: full send. There’s not much that we can control in a time like this, but we can choose to order some fantastic food.