From Wedding Planner to Wedding Wrecker


By Lindzey James

Staff Reporter


A wedding is one of the hardest things to plan, and a wedding during quarantine showed me that there are ways to make it even harder. I have been helping plan the wedding of my brother and best friend for the last 10 months. It has been a roller coaster of emotions for everyone.

At first the wedding was to be in September of 2020 at a beautiful farm close to Omaha with about 150 attendees. Soon after that idea was hatched, the couple canceled that plan because they felt the Bride’s family was trying to over take the wedding and the couple was not getting what they had wished for. 

After that debacle,the bride and groom reached out to me and asked me to help plan a wedding for them on May 29 at Platte River State Park. It is a very pretty place and I was able to help them get most the details figured out, and then the most hated virus came along. The state park the wedding was to be held at called the Groom and said they were canceling the wedding due to it being unsafe to have groups of people together. 

The news was very upsetting because the wedding had already been changed and the guest list was cut to make it a lot smaller. The guest list had been cut down to 50 people at this point. 

The Bride and Groom were so upset and decided they were going to have a 10 person quarantine wedding in two weeks on April 4. They asked me to help with everything quickly to get it thrown together, so with lots of late nights and energy drinks we got the whole wedding planned out. 

The State Park knew about the wedding and at the last minute cancelled it saying that even having 10 people together was not okay because there could be other people nearby and thus would be over the 10 person rule from the governor. The wedding was sadly cancelled and they are yet to be married. 

A wedding in quarantine, while it is doable, is one of the hardest things to achieve just like other events that were supposed to happen with large groups of people. With everything going on just remember that no matter what the event is; a wedding, birthday party, family dinner, or graduation party, it can happen just with either a smaller guest list or a change of date.

While the wedding has not yet happened they will be happily married soon enough and are looking at summer dates. Light will shine through and everything will be okay for their wedding. I am still helping plan the wedding and am currently going through the guest list and venues to figure everything out so the couple can have what they wish for.