Laddie’s contemplations

How on earth did I end up here? I’m writing this for the school newspaper, yet 3 years ago I could barely spell the word hospitel, hospittal, hospital, there we are. I worked so hard to get better at grammar and English in general, though, it seems more like I went the distance rather than actually winning the fight. My struggle in English has been indicative of high school as a whole. I’ve worked hard to get as far as I have. I’ve met so many people, and I’ve done so many things I’m proud of, and even more that I’m embarrassed of. So even though I know only a few people will ever see, much less read, this small block of words that I wrote one night, I’m happy that I did it, and I’m happy that I ended up in newspaper, even if it was just for two semesters. I’m glad that this happened whether it was meant to or not.

Laddie is attending St. Olaf College to study political science and environmental studies