McGuire earns MPS Foundation Award for Excellence in Secondary Teaching

Gabe Medina final (senior) story

Being a teacher is one of the most honest and important jobs in the world. It’s definitely not for everyone. To be a teacher, it takes someone with character, empathy, adaptability, and most importantly patience, and that’s just to be a teacher. To be one of the best teachers out there, you need to be outgoing, proactive, creative, and doing far more than what is asked, to go above and beyond, and social studies teacher Kristy McGuire did just that, winning the Millard Public Schools Foundation award for excellence in high school teacher award.

As a social studies teacher, McGuire specializes in teaching the incoming freshmen in classes like Human Diversity and AP Human Geography.

“Teaching freshmen, there are typically two types of students: the ones who are overly confident, and the ones who are overly timid throughout the class,” she said. “Working with freshmen, you see a lot of relaxation starting to set in as the year goes by. You also have to emphasize that high school  isn’t a joke and that they have to work and put time in studying,” McGuire said. 

 “Watching a student evolve over a course of a year, especially as a new incoming freshman, and seeing them learn how they are, the consequences of their actions, and what they are capable of is probably the most fulfilling aspect of being a teacher,” McGuire said. McGuire is someone who does more than just her job, trying to create a positive personal connection with her students, while having a true passion for what she teaches, and helping students to be the best they can be, to feel success for their hard work.

Students of her class also feel the same way about her. Sierra Pokharel, a freshman currently in her AP Human Geography class said, “Mrs. McGuire is very understanding but does not let people get away with anything. She always answers any questions, and helps you understand anything you are lost on. Her teaching style also fits with most students’ learning styles, catering to everyone,” Pokharel said. Not only does she cater to students’ learning styles, she teaches positive habits that will benefit them for the rest of their high school.

“Mrs. McGuire has taught me good studying habits and notetaking to further help with my future AP classes,” Pokharel said. Along with helping her students learn in the classroom, she also helps them out of the given class time, having an open door for students before and after school to help them when needed, and hosting AP review sessions for her students during after school hours, something she is not required to do, but is more than happy to do. If anyone was more deserving and fitting for this award, it would definitely be her. The positivity, amazing working environment, and skills she brings to the table, has and will continue to leave a lasting impression on every student she continues to teach for years to come.