Former alumni welcomed back to Millard South

Kristin Kaipust
Staff Reporter

Not only was Jennifer Metcalf a Millard South Patriot, but she was a Central Cyclone and a Norris Lion.
Metcalf is a newly hired French teacher. She said she is teaching today because of her encouraging teachers from these schools, her favorite being Mr. Srb. Srb taught French at Millard Central for many years, retiring in 2013.

“My favorite thing about French is how it sounds. I think it’s a beautiful language.”

-Jennifer Metcalf

In 8th grade at Central Middle, Metcalf was faced with a choice, take all three language survey classes or choose a language with no experience in it at all. Her choice of French was a good one, because she fell in love the language.
“My favorite thing about French is how it sounds,” Metcalf said, “I think it’s a beautiful language.”
Though new to South, Metcalf taught for two years before at Andersen Middle. Even though Metcalf grew up as a Millard kid, during her junior and senior year her family
moved to Florida.
In Florida, she went to a school of performing arts. “I love things that deal with art,” Metcalf said. She considers herself a dramaturge, a person who researches time periods and specifics about a play.
“It’s the weirdest, most obscure thing, but it’s something that I love,” she said.
After high school Metcalf moved back to Omaha to be closer to family and friends. She attended college at UNO, where she received her bachelor’s degree as well as entering into the Teacher Academy Project (TAP). Through the programs, she received her teaching credentials in a year.
Also during this time, Metcalf studied abroad for six weeks in Quebec.
“It really solidified what I wanted to do.” she said.
Even though Metcalf may not have been a Patriot all four years, she said she loves Millard South and is excited to be back.