If you, then I’ll

Poem by Keely King

If you feel like fading away,

Then I’ll be running to save the day

If you lose your wings and fall from the sky,

Then I’ll be the one to nurse you back so you can fly

If you are lost within the darkest night,

Then I’ll light the match which burns bright

If you are unable to change the tide,

Then I’ll bring confidence back into your stride

If you have fallen under the weather,

Then I’ll bring homemade treats that make everything better

If you go lone wolf and leave the pack,

Then I’ll be right beside you and have your back

If you fail your mission and fall,

Then I’ll lift you up from your crawl

If you lose the light and need a guide,

Then I’ll be there at your side

If you are a yang in need of a yin,

Then I’ll be here with you through thick and thin

If you are cursed to walk through time,

Then I’ll be the one you call your partner in crime

If you feel lost and alone at sea,

Then I’ll become a boat so you can flee

If you seem frightened of the unknown,

Then I’ll stay near so you never battle in this war alone