Marvel’s Infinity War exceeds expectations

Conlan Custard

Staff Reporter

Just over 10 years ago, Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, pitched an idea to his company that would forever change the landscape of superhero films as we know them. The idea, an extended universe to house all of Marvel comics’ best heroes in the same movie-realm, was revolutionary for its time and spawned a stretch of films over the last decade (19 in total,) which have grossed over 16 billion dollars and captivated fans everywhere. With this in mind, Avengers Infinity War brings all of Kevin Feige’s hard work to a head, in a suspenseful, and gripping two hour and forty minute experience.

Easter eggs from past films have hinted at his presence, and in Infinity War, we are finally met by arguably the greatest villain in the history of Marvel Comics, Thanos. A mutant member of the race of superhumans known as the Titanian Eternals, Thanos is evil to the core and has only one goal, to collect all six powerful gems known as the Infinity Stones, and in turn, use their power to wipe out half of all existing life in the universe. Cue the Avengers, earth’s greatest warriors who pose the only chance the cosmos has against the sinister Thanos.

Infinity War represents one of Marvel’s boldest films yet. A joint effort of this caliber, and with as many big name characters as there were, this would be a very easy project to mess up. (See 2017’s “Justice League”) However, Marvel’s stellar track record remains flawless as Infinity War was a smash hit with fans and moviegoers alike. Before seeing the film I was curious as to how the movie could fit in so many plotlines and still seem connected throughout. Afterward, I was pleasantly surprised, having seen so many characters and development appearing before my very eyes and nothing felt stale whatsoever. Switching every few minutes between the many storylines not only kept me very interested throughout, but made me beg for more after the lights came on at the end.

The comedic timing and execution was near top notch for the whole film, but I think what really carried the movie was the performances of many of the stars such as Chris Pratt, Tom Holland, and especially Josh Brolin, who delivered a performance as Thanos that would rival Heath Ledger’s Joker.

In closing, Infinity War is another must-see film from Marvel, who these days, it seems, is on top of the world.